The complete nonprofit management application customised for your organisation

Customised insights to evaluate impact of your work and guide decision-making IMPACT EVALUATION Organised, systematic records of beneficiaries & programs with qualitative narratives and quantitative surveys PROGRAM MANAGEMENT Virtual project & functional teams bridging geography and timezones COLLABORATION Donor & volunteer relationships, targetted campaigns, customised data-driven fundraising intelligence CRM SHOWCASE Curated, well-designed showcases of your work for donors, grantmakers and other audiences
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What makes us unique

Twimo is a one-stop solution for your nonprofit’s entire operational lifecycle from fundraising to program management and impact evaluation that feed back into fundraising.
Designed exclusively for nonprofits based on real, in-the-field observations of use-cases, needs and constraints. Our technology moulds to your operations, not the other way around.
We tailor analytics and insights for the specific work your nonprofit does, so they are custom-built for your nonprofit’s success.
We adopt a consultative approach with our customers that goes beyond product support. We help you design the right questions to ask your data, fine-tune the intelligence you get to make your processes better and play an advisory role. You don’t just get technology, you get humans and expertise. Always.

Essential CRM

Simple to use, highly customisable and just what you need
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How did our fundraising campaigns perform relative to their goals?

negative and positive bar graph

What are the month-wise contribution trends from our audience groups?

area graph

What are the state-wise contributions by our US donors?

colour coded US map

Who were our top 25 donors last year?

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two things closely related to each other that cannot be separated, even though they seem completely different

Program Management

A natural, organic approach to program management, documentation and record-keeping that empowers your field staff to systematically manage their work with beneficiaries and helps you track the progress of your programs, scale and build capacity.

CUSTOMISED INSIGHTS PROGRAM READOUT BENEFICIARY RECORDS CUSTOMISED SURVEYS Executive team and the boardUse data-driven intelligence for oversight, feedback and decision-making. Management teamManage programs, track progress and perform interventions where needed. Field staffRecord qualitative narratives as text, photo,audio and video updates and periodic quantitative surveys for a chronological history of progress.

Impact Evaluation

Highly-customised, data-driven analysis and insights of the impact of your work built atop Twimo's Program Management suite gives you an always-available, automatic, near-real-time visibility into your programs and with it, the ability for continuous feedback and improvement of your programs.


Insights customised to the specific work of your nonprofit

Whatever be your nonprofit’s mission, we work closely with you to translate your metrics and milestones into highly-customised surveys, data-driven visualisations and insights that provide near-real-time visibility into the impact of your work.
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Use our data-driven insights to find out what is working well and where interventions are needed. Fine-tune your processes so you can accomplish more, faster. Make well-informed decisions. Be ever ready to respond to grantmakers or donors with the numbers and narratives that show the difference you are making.
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showcase your work to the world

Twimo Showcase gives you the tools to curate stories, photos and charts from your underlying records and data to present your work to different audiences like donors or grantmakers via email, website or social media.

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The complete nonprofit management application

Customised for your organisation.
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