a unified view
of what's going on

Twimo's technology platform helps you seamlessly manage your core operational requirements - fundraising, programme management and impact - for improved programme effectiveness.

 A virtual filing cabinet of records about the programmes you run and their impact on your beneficiaries. Blends seamlessly into the way your programme teams work and democratises responsibilities. Supports both qualitative narratives and customized quantitative surveys for an integrated, holistic view of the impact of your work on the ground.  IMPACT MODULE + CUSTOMIZED SURVEYS & INSIGHTS   A virtual filing cabinet of records about your donors and volunteers and their contributions to your cause. Classify donors with common traits into audiences to better target your fundraising campaigns. Finetune fundraising strategies using customized analytics. Feed impact stories back into your fundraising campaigns..  DONOR MANAGEMENT+ CUSTOMIZED ANALYTICS   TEAM COLLABORATION  Keep your internal communications and information better organised, contextual and all in one place, with our easy-to-use collaboration tools. Mimic your organisational structure and access to information with teams on Twimo.   Fundraising team Programme teams & field staff Executive / Management / Board teams
Read meanings, not numbers.

We work closely with you to define the questions you’d like your data to answer. We customise Impact Insights & Donor Management Analytics to give you the data-driven intelligence you need to better inform your strategies and decisions.
What was the volatility of crop yields for our farmers in the last 5 years? How well are our villages reporting data overall and by each programme? How are malnourished children distributed by risk levels, gender and districts? What is the state-wise distribution of contributions by our US donors? How did our fundraising campaigns perform relative to their goals?
why twimo?
Designed exclusively for social impact organisations. Twimo is designed for nonprofits, philanthropic foundations and grantmakers. Our clear focus on social impact lets us design technology and services explicitly around your unique needs, constraints and use cases. Technology made relevant to your nonprofit. We work closely with you to understand your workflows and map them to Twimo. We guide you on how best to structure your information. We help you define the questions you would like to ask of your data and tailor Analytics and Insights to give you these answers. An organic way of building processes. Twimo’s natural workflows and easy-to-use design blends seamlessly into the way your organisation works. Twimo makes everyone’s job easier and everyone is empowered to take charge of their work. The result is a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Mindful pricing. Twimo has a tiered pricing model to accommodate nonprofits that span a wide spectrum of size and scale of operations. When you talk to us, we’ll understand your requirements and how you plan to implement Twimo. Based on this, we’ll provide you with a clear picture of where you could start and into what tier your nonprofit is likely to grow, so you have all that you need to make your decision. A partnership model. With Twimo, you are not alone. We work with you like we are a part of your team. We are at our happiest when you talk to us. Because we love to help. Because we learn a lot from you. Why we do what we do. We are Sangeetha Narasimhan and Balaji Rengarajan, the founders of Twimo. Together we have four decades of international experience working for Fortune-50 companies and entrepreneurial ventures in technology, design and operations. Twimo was born out of our desire to put our skills in the service of those who work to make the world a better place for all of us.