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All features. Customised for you.
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Why isn't your pricing more specific?

We work with nonprofits that span a wide spectrum of scope, size and breadth of operations - from small, volunteer-driven nonprofits to projects at scale funded by grantmakers. A one-size-fits-all approach is infeasible in such a situation.

We have made pricing straightforward and easy for you, by combining our technology, all the customisations you need, and our services into one simple package. To be as transparent as possible, we have published our starting price information to help you. To understand what your pricing would be, talk to us.

What would my monthly subscription include?

Your monthly subscription comes with all of Twimo’s features, including a transparent, liberal quota of CRM and PM records, PM surveys, customised Analytics and Insights, fundraising emails, file storage and our time to support, advise and assist you with what you need.

You can have as many teams as you need and invite as many team members (internal and external) as you would like to bring on board.

We do all the customisations for you, not just at the start, but on an ongoing basis. For instance, if you’d like your CRM Analytics or Impact Insights to give answers to new questions or look at your data with a different lens, we design and create new charts and surveys for you or re-design existing ones. If you’d like us to, we even offer our advice and recommendations on questions that could help you make better decisions or design better processes, and then we create the dashboards you need to answer them.

We offer all these features and services starting at $250 a month.

Will my monthly subscription change if our usage exceeds our initial requirements?

We believe in keeping things simple and predictable for our customers and not subjecting them to uncertainty.

Your pricing will remain at the subscription amount that we agree to, even if your level of usage of our features or our time fluctuates above what we initially assumed.

If your requirements change substantially, then we would jointly review the new levels and revise the subscription. This can happen due to one of two reasons.
1. A sudden change in your requirements, like program expansion due to the receipt of a grant.
2. A gradual, organic growth of your usage over time that remains consistently above our initial estimates for a considerable period of time.

For complete transparency, we will provide you dashboards that track your growth and usage over time.

These pricing revisions can be upward or downward. While we wish for you nothing but continued growth, we will be there for you should the road turn bumpy.

What kind of organisations do you work with?

We work with registered nonprofit organisations, philanthropic foundations, grantmakers, social enterprises and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) teams. In addition, your organisation must not be a political or religious organisation, or an educational institution like a school or college. We reserve the right to offer or deny our services at our sole discretion.

We are not a very big organisation. Is Twimo for us?

We have, among our customers, small organisations who have an outsized vision for their cause. The size of your organisation does not matter. If you would like to grow your impact, be organised and effective in the pursuit of your cause, and have data inform your decisions every step of the way, Twimo is for you.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do give discounts to nonprofits that are small and volunteer-driven. Talk to us for more information.

Do you offer a free trial?

We don’t offer free trials because there’s a lot we do to set Twimo up to suit the nature of your team and the work you do. We make things easy for you by showing you exactly what you can get out of Twimo and keeping payments on a monthly basis, without long-term commitments. If there are any concerns you have, we encourage you to talk to us.

I'd like to sign up. Where is the "Sign Up" button?

We are happy to hear it. Just reach out to us using this link and we’ll get you going. There’s no self-sign-up on Twimo because we talk to you first and set things up for you before your team comes on board.